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Dark Dream Catcher Mandala

Hi everyone, Recently, I have been having very intense dreams. They were so intense that when I wake up my head starts hurting so much. How many of you feel the same thing or happened at least once in your life? So keeping this headache in my mind, I created this dark dream catcher. IContinue reading “Dark Dream Catcher Mandala”


Blue Corner Mandala

Blue is one of my favorite color that helps me in finding peace. And when the shade goes in a bit darker side, there’s a different sort of connection. When I was mixing the color and had the complete idea in my brain, I didn’t knew it will look this good. I am more thanContinue reading “Blue Corner Mandala”

Cat on a Tree Painting

Night is so calming and relaxing. And when I made this painting, I felt as if the cat was me. Sitting and watching the moon. I like to watch the sky and specially the moon. It feels as if there is so much connection between us. Yeah so coming back to this painting. Do shareContinue reading “Cat on a Tree Painting”

Rajasthan Sunset Painting

I recently, saw a picture of camels on the heap of dessert which were carrying some people on their back in Rajasthan. To be precise, Rajasthan is in India and is one of the beautiful place in the world. There are different cities named after the colors such as pink city. Dream is to visitContinue reading “Rajasthan Sunset Painting”

Underwater painting with a tortoise silhouette

This painting using oil pastels turned out more beautiful than what I was expecting. And so, it gives me immense pleasure in sharing with you guys the full process of making it. Do watch the video and share your valuable feedback in the comment section. Thank you for your time. Stay connected for more artContinue reading “Underwater painting with a tortoise silhouette”