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Is Calmness needed to make a Mandala Art?

Hi everyone, welcome to Art By G.S. Mandala art may look so simple and easy to make. However, they require perfection and symmetry. A single A5 mandala art takes 5-6 hours. No matter how long does it take. What inspires in making them is the peace and calmness that is felt after completing it. So,Continue reading “Is Calmness needed to make a Mandala Art?”


Flower Mandala Art

Hi everyone, I have made this flower mandala using two simple patterns only in A5 size. It gives me immense peace whenever I look at it. Do share what you feel when you look at this art in the comment section below. Also, stay tuned for more Art By G.S.

Delicate Dream Catcher Mandala Art

Do you believe that some people dream while some don’t? I personally believe that everyone dreams. Some might share and some won’t. There is also a possibility that some might forget that they had a dream when they get up! For those who have bad dreams, it is said that a dream catcher helps inContinue reading “Delicate Dream Catcher Mandala Art”

Starry Night Sky Painting

Since when I came to know about the meteoroid shower, there’s a desire to see this happening. It doesn’t occur where I live and I don’t know when I will be able to see one. Till then, I will be trying and painting such beautiful pieces. Do check out the video and share your valuableContinue reading “Starry Night Sky Painting”

Blue Corner Mandala

Blue is one of my favorite color that helps me in finding peace. And when the shade goes in a bit darker side, there’s a different sort of connection. When I was mixing the color and had the complete idea in my brain, I didn’t knew it will look this good. I am more thanContinue reading “Blue Corner Mandala”

Cat on a Tree Painting

Night is so calming and relaxing. And when I made this painting, I felt as if the cat was me. Sitting and watching the moon. I like to watch the sky and specially the moon. It feels as if there is so much connection between us. Yeah so coming back to this painting. Do shareContinue reading “Cat on a Tree Painting”

Blue Mandala Painting

I have been making mandala from so long and today thought of trying in different color. I don’t know why, blue occurred to me in the first place and so made a very simple mandala. The space in the center is for a small quote. If you have something in your mind for that space,Continue reading “Blue Mandala Painting”