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Art Summary of Last Month

I started with the white mandala art on black sketch pad. To keep myself dedicated, I tried making them for 9 days. I was regular on other social medias. However, I was not that active on the WordPress. Shared some of them before and sharing the rest here. I hope you guys like it. YouContinue reading “Art Summary of Last Month”


Eyes Hurts

The name of this art piece is “Eyes Hurts”. Isn’t the name a bit dramatic? Indeed, it is. Because while making it my eyes started hurting a lot. If you are wondering why? Let me tell you the reason. So normally, eyes are habitat to work on the white paper/canvas with black or any otherContinue reading “Eyes Hurts”

Sharing my first mandala art for sale

Hi everyone, Here is the first mandala art for sale. It is made using Acrylic on Paper. Size is A5 and it framed. For now, I am delivering all over India. For any inquiry, you can contact me via Instagram.