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Eyes Hurts

The name of this art piece is “Eyes Hurts”. Isn’t the name a bit dramatic?

Indeed, it is. Because while making it my eyes started hurting a lot. If you are wondering why? Let me tell you the reason.

So normally, eyes are habitat to work on the white paper/canvas with black or any other dark shade. In this case, it was reversed.

Firstly, the baselines or the guidelines are made with the black graphite on the black sketch pad. Which is itself difficult. Additionally, when using the white acrylic on it, the guidelines starts to fade as the hand touches the base. It is also annoying. But still, have to work on it.

And the final step is to cover the minute details with brush. It was a kind of difficult. Felt like giving up. However, made my mind and kept on working.

mandala art

I hope you guys, liked the final product.

Some details about the product.
Used: White Acrylic on Black Sketch Pad
Size: A5
Frame color: Black

Do let me know your feedback and suggestions. Also stay tuned to Art By G.S. for more!


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