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Overthinking Mandala Art

Some of you might relate to the name of this, that is overthinking!

We all do overthink about some things once in a while. And when things are not going as we planned them to go, the only thing that is left is to be worried about it.

Some can easily overcome it and try to be relaxed. While for some it is very difficult to do so.

Therefore, this piece could be a good thing to put on the wall and remind ourselves to not overthink. Sometimes the result will be good and sometimes it won’t. So try to stay calm!

Some details about the product.

Used: Black Acrylic on Paper
Size: A5
Frame color: Black

Comment for any sort of inquiry!


4 thoughts on “Overthinking Mandala Art

  1. Yes, guilty! I overthink! It is not an easy thing to stop when your mind is so busy, that it leads a life of its own! Music or meditation can help….. but I am clearly far from becoming a zen master!
    Lovely image! Is it yours?

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