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Complicated Mandala Art

Hi everyone,

Welcome back! Here’s another mandala art that I created.

When I was making this piece, I was not sure of the result. I didn’t like it much in the beginning but that’s life. We like something and we don’t like some as well.

The main thing that stuck in my head while making it was that sometimes we just overreact and make things complicated. Complications might not even be in the first place. But we impose it. Hence, the name is “Complicated” Mandala Art.

It is good to hang on your wall and see it from time to time and remind yourself to take life easily. There’s no need to make things or relationships complicated.

Description about the product:

Used: Black Acrylic on Paper

Size: A4

Frame Color: Black

Delivering all over India. You can easily contact me on my Instagram if you have any inquiry.


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