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It’s been a long weekend

To be very honest, I don’t like to take breaks. Not even on the weekends. Because if I do, then all the rubbish thoughts start covering my mind and it gets so so difficult to get up and start doing things again.

So, keeping all these things in my mind, I painted this piece on Saturday. Thought of blogging also on the same day but got tired of sitting so long for the painting and so couldn’t manage to sit and do anything else.

Then on Sunday, some family thing came up. I didn’t want to go in the first place but it was kind of important. So went and by evening again I was so exhausted that didn’t do much that day also.

And then came Monday, I had a morning appointment with my doctor. Which was pretty short but that thing actually broke me from within and I didn’t want to do anything for the day.

It is not that difficult to get up and do work, it has never been. It is difficult now because my body is not that strong. 10-12 medicines is just not a small deal. And to work from a single room without any motivation is making it more pathetic.

Well keeping all these sad things aside, I want to share this painting that I made on Saturday using watercolors. I feel that I am not that good with watercolors, I don’t know why! Still, trying to overcome this weakness as well.

Interiors fascinate me so much. So painted this door and some decoration with trees, lights and a wreath. Please ignore the mess that the tape has done on the boundaries.

Kindly share your valuable feedbacks and suggestions in the comment section below. And stay tuned for more posts.


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