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Starting with the Christmas Vibes

After reading the comments on my first post, I got so overwhelmed and felt so grateful for this platform that let me connect with the like minded people. And all of a sudden I realized that next month is christmas. Like it was yesterday 2020 started, and within a month it will end!

This year has not been good for so many of us. Well, we cannot change that in any manner. We can just try to bring joy in whatever way possible. So, I decided to start with Christmas theme and keep my focus on all the things around it and create my art.

I haven’t done any such theme work or worked on a single topic for so long. But, the colours and vibes of this beautiful festival is motivating me to work on it for a month. I will try my level best and push myself to keep going.

So, starting with a cup of coffee and making a digital illustration of it. I surely didn’t had any toppings on mine but tried to showcase in my illusion.

For my digital art, I am using Procreate. It is such a perfect application for art work. Previously, I was using Note9 for illustrations. I made quite a few of them but unfortunately I lost all my data and had to switch to some other device. So, here with the first illustration for the season.

Let me know your views on this illustration and stay tuned for more art posts. Thanks!


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