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Starting all over, yet again!

It’s a bit scary yet exciting to start everything yet again. Honestly, art and paintings have never been in the front seat for me. However, old things and plans didn’t work out the way I wanted them to be and so I had to choose from the things that were easily available, and therefore, I landed on painting.

I am not an expert and I don’t have any professional experience in this field. Which is eventually scarier. For so long, I have been wanting to start something and stick to it. But, every time I failed. All the negative and depressing thoughts start convincing me that what I am doing is not so great, it’s not worth it, blah blah blah.

However, I decided to make up my mind and start again, for ME. The path is hard because it is difficult to work from home where your parents are just not understanding your dreams and every day they are trying to demotivate me in every way possible. Like every other Indian parent, they want me to give up on my dream and instead think of starting a family only. I am not against having a family. I believe having an identity is also important.

Well everything things apart, I am starting this page to share my daily progress and to stay motivated. Previously, I started doing this on Instagram but their algorithms are getting pathetic day by day and there are so much comparison and negativity as well. So, this time I thought of starting in a blog manner.

I don’t know how far I will go. I am just giving it a fresh start by putting my old paintings on the wall and decorating it with a fairy light that was available at home. I have placed my easel open in the hope to paint big paintings this time. Also, trying to complete a book and ignore what my family members are saying 🙂

And so, cheers to the new beginnings, yet again!


21 thoughts on “Starting all over, yet again!

  1. OMG! This is me! All over! I had to start over and over too! Lots of my attention had to go to my children and other family members and sometimes the ‘failing’ became too demotivating! But here we both are! Trying again! Woohoo!

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  2. I set up a group on Facebook called Art for Fun as I believe being creative should be able to be enjoyed by anyone that likes it without comparison, being critical and just appreciating that others have had a go. I came to art after my mental health made me stop teaching, my job for 28 years. I have been drawing since 2015 to help my mind and it has also luckily for me become a part time job but I do have a pension to support me

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  3. Hey there, thanks for appreciating my art. It’s always very satisfying if fellow artists look at the work we do. I read what you wrote, and all I can say is, keep working, keep creating, however hard it may seem. It’s all worth it when you look at what magic your hands are capable of.

    P. S . – I started following your blog too, looking forward to seeing your art soon!

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