Bullet Journal of December 2020 | Christmas Theme

Started with bullet journaling this year and finally sharing with you all, my simple bullet journal of December 2020. It is following the Christmas Theme.

The layout is quite simple and just the way I like. I do have the complete video as well.

Check it out and please share your valuable feedback and suggestions in the comment section. Thank you and stay tuned for more posts.

8 Different Types Of Christmas Trees

Recently I was wondering what I should paint regarding the Christmas Theme and got really confused with what shape and size of Christmas tree should I include. So, thought of making a blog and a vlog regarding it.

I finally came up with 8 different types of Christmas Trees and they are as follows.

The first two are made with brush pens and other are made with watercolors. You can also check out the complete video of this to get a proper explanation.

Do share your feedback and suggestions in the comment section. And stay tuned for more posts and videos.

It’s been a long weekend

To be very honest, I don’t like to take breaks. Not even on the weekends. Because if I do, then all the rubbish thoughts start covering my mind and it gets so so difficult to get up and start doing things again.

So, keeping all these things in my mind, I painted this piece on Saturday. Thought of blogging also on the same day but got tired of sitting so long for the painting and so couldn’t manage to sit and do anything else.

Then on Sunday, some family thing came up. I didn’t want to go in the first place but it was kind of important. So went and by evening again I was so exhausted that didn’t do much that day also.

And then came Monday, I had a morning appointment with my doctor. Which was pretty short but that thing actually broke me from within and I didn’t want to do anything for the day.

It is not that difficult to get up and do work, it has never been. It is difficult now because my body is not that strong. 10-12 medicines is just not a small deal. And to work from a single room without any motivation is making it more pathetic.

Well keeping all these sad things aside, I want to share this painting that I made on Saturday using watercolors. I feel that I am not that good with watercolors, I don’t know why! Still, trying to overcome this weakness as well.

Interiors fascinate me so much. So painted this door and some decoration with trees, lights and a wreath. Please ignore the mess that the tape has done on the boundaries.

Kindly share your valuable feedbacks and suggestions in the comment section below. And stay tuned for more posts.

Starting with the Christmas Vibes

After reading the comments on my first post, I got so overwhelmed and felt so grateful for this platform that let me connect with the like minded people. And all of a sudden I realized that next month is christmas. Like it was yesterday 2020 started, and within a month it will end!

This year has not been good for so many of us. Well, we cannot change that in any manner. We can just try to bring joy in whatever way possible. So, I decided to start with Christmas theme and keep my focus on all the things around it and create my art.

I haven’t done any such theme work or worked on a single topic for so long. But, the colours and vibes of this beautiful festival is motivating me to work on it for a month. I will try my level best and push myself to keep going.

So, starting with a cup of coffee and making a digital illustration of it. I surely didn’t had any toppings on mine but tried to showcase in my illusion.

For my digital art, I am using Procreate. It is such a perfect application for art work. Previously, I was using Note9 for illustrations. I made quite a few of them but unfortunately I lost all my data and had to switch to some other device. So, here with the first illustration for the season.

Let me know your views on this illustration and stay tuned for more art posts. Thanks!

Starting all over, yet again!

It’s a bit scary yet exciting to start everything yet again. Honestly, art and paintings have never been in the front seat for me. However, old things and plans didn’t work out the way I wanted them to be and so I had to choose from the things that were easily available, and therefore, I landed on painting.

I am not an expert and I don’t have any professional experience in this field. Which is eventually scarier. For so long, I have been wanting to start something and stick to it. But, every time I failed. All the negative and depressing thoughts start convincing me that what I am doing is not so great, it’s not worth it, blah blah blah.

However, I decided to make up my mind and start again, for ME. The path is hard because it is difficult to work from home where your parents are just not understanding your dreams and every day they are trying to demotivate me in every way possible. Like every other Indian parent, they want me to give up on my dream and instead think of starting a family only. I am not against having a family. I believe having an identity is also important.

Well everything things apart, I am starting this page to share my daily progress and to stay motivated. Previously, I started doing this on Instagram but their algorithms are getting pathetic day by day and there are so much comparison and negativity as well. So, this time I thought of starting in a blog manner.

I don’t know how far I will go. I am just giving it a fresh start by putting my old paintings on the wall and decorating it with a fairy light that was available at home. I have placed my easel open in the hope to paint big paintings this time. Also, trying to complete a book and ignore what my family members are saying 🙂

And so, cheers to the new beginnings, yet again!

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